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Twists and turns in the travel agency marketplace have made it tough to keep up with who’s doing what and how to position your business properly. PhoCusWright's Travel Agency series includes market sizing, analysis of key trends and developments, and a comprehensive outlook for the future. Get the facts and findings on the travel agency landscape, and keep your business pointed in the right direction.

PhoCusWright's Travel Agency Distribution Landscape

Douglas Quinby, director, research, discusses the shifts in the travel agency landscape since 2008 and the trends that have persisted or changed.


The Once and Future Agent: PhoCusWright's Travel Agency Distribution Landscape 2009-2013
By PhoCusWright Analyst: Douglas Quinby

Traditional travel agents once represented the dominant channel through which consumers purchased travel. In the past decade, however, fundamental shifts in consumer behavior and growth in online booking channels have disrupted and transformed the traditional travel agency landscape. The number of leisure agents has declined dramatically, while both corporate and leisure agencies have shifted their focus in order to stay relevant and competitive.
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April 25 Webinar Recording and Deck
By PhoCusWright Analysts: Douglas Quinby and Mary Pat Sullivan

Presented by Douglas Quinby, senior director, research, and moderated by Mary Pat Sullivan, leisure travel analyst, The Once and Future Agent: PhoCusWright's Travel Agency Distribution Landscape 2009-2013, covers the fundamental components that comprise the traditional travel agency landscape in the U.S.
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The Travel Agent Customer: Who Uses Travel Agents, Why They Use Them, and What They Buy
By PhoCusWright Analyst: Douglas Quinby and Molly Milliken

Despite the proliferation of online booking in the past 15 years, one third of travel is still booked through traditional travel agents. What continues to attract customers to traditional agencies, and what do these travelers have in common?
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Travel Agents and Ancillaries: The Game Is On
By PhoCusWright Analyst: Douglas Quinby and Rebecca Callahan

Amid a surge in baggage fees and seat upgrades, cruise line onboard services, and hotel in-room extras, ancillary services in travel clearly have a long future ahead of them. But the role intermediaries will play in their distribution is far from certain.
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