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Behavioral Targeting: Marketing 101 Meets Web 2.0

Published April 2012
Research Type: Spotlight
Susan Steinbrink
Susan Steinbrink

Senior Research and Corporate Market Analyst

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Behavioral Targeting: Marketing 101 Meets Web 2.0

Customer experience with a brand is the competitive battleground of today’s economy and the key to long-term profitability. This Spotlight takes an in-depth look at the business opportunities and implications of delivering personally relevant content and at the technical approaches companies are using to this end. It examines the benefits of personalization, defines behavioral targeting, identifies factors driving and inhibiting its use, and explores why behavioral targeting is critical in travel.

  • Introduction
  • Trends Shaping Consumer Buying Dynamics
  • Definition of Behavioral Targeting
  • How Behavioral Targeting Works
  • Value of Behavioral Targeting
  • What Do Consumers Think?
    • Privacy Concerns Give Way to Consumer Control and Tolerance
  • Effectiveness of Behavioral Targeting
    • Effectiveness Across Verticals
    • Effectiveness in Travel
      • Device accessed (mobile, tablet, PC)
      • Itinerary
      • Destination
      • Geolocation
      • Cross-sell and up-sell
      • Offer optimization according to visitor segment
      • Targeted email campaigns
      • Dynamic landing page generation
  • What’s Next?
  • Key Takeaways